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Handle Goods Receipts in SAP with Intelligent Process Automation

GRN automation with Robotic Process Automation

GRN automation


The essence of a GRN automation solution

Streamlined Inventory Management

  • Accurately record and track the goods received from suppliers with faster turnaround time.
  • Ensures an up-to-date inventory, which helps is better decision-making regarding stock-level, reordering and overall inventory optimization.
  • Faster GRN with real-time visibility ensures no financial losses.

Effortlessly Supplier Delivery Note interpretation

  • No matter what format or layout your vendor delivery note is in, Compleo Hybrid intelligently interprets the content and processes the document accordingly.
  • Automatically update the GRN details in ERP and trigger the subsequent processes in real-time.

Eliminate errors and improve your process

  • Error-free and paperless processes enable you to work efficiently and gives you the capability to handle production line with, just in Time execution.
  • Eliminate inefficient, time-consuming business processes with rule-based workflow automation tool.
  • Automated 2-way matching detects irregularities and avoids duplicate GRN entries.

Smart Automation guarantees quality of goods

  • Efficient and accurate inspection and validation of goods against predefined criteria in the purchase order ensures that only high-quality goods are recorded in the GRN.
  • Automated GRN process handles any discrepancies or issues, notifying the concerned personnel through an automated workflow designed to business needs.


A SaaS Web Application managing document interchanges between business partners.

  1. Completely Digitize vendor ecosystem: Compleo captures and processes relevant information from documents received through various means (web-based client portal, API-enabled EDI capabilities, folder supervision etc).
  2. Real-time SAP Integration: Compleo seamlessly integrates with SAP or any ERP, and automatically creates Goods receipt note in real time.
  3. Good receipt with validation checks: Compleo performs a check for duplication, each line item before GRN entry in ERP/SAP. In case, of part inward shipments, GRN is effortlessly created for partial receipts, minimizing inventory inaccuracies.
  4. Real-time Notifications: Upon Good receipt entry in SAP/ERP, concerned authority is notified automatically. Compleo can be designed to handle exceptions, in case of failure.


Automate Good Receipts processing with Compleo Hybrid SAP Integration

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