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Integrate Factur-X for Improved Electronic Invoicing

Boost your e-invoicing process embracing by this standard


Work with the Factur-x standard to simplify invoice exchanges.

Use a single invoice format for all European customers

  • Adapt to both B2B and Business to Government (B2G) interactions with Factur-X.
  • Work with all e-invoicing systems.

Improve Accounts Payable and Receivable performance

  • Better traceability thanks to full digital processes.
  • Intuitive access to invoice statuses.
  • Reduce time needed to correct errors.

Preserve IT resources

  • Ensure consistency across all processes.
  • No format conversion or development needed.
  • Easily add new customers or suppliers to existing IT system.


What makes Compleo Hybrid different from other solutions?

Compleo Hybrid can be installed on premises or as a hybrid solution in the cloud. Existing structures can be easily integrated or newly set up using a graphical editor. This allows users to create a template that automatically generates Factur-X files.

By generating and merging PDF and XML files in a single process, users can guarantee optimal security. This way, document distribution also eliminates the need for external intervention.

After beginning this process, the transmits the Factur-X documents automatically. These could be as e-mail attachments or through direct transfer to platforms such as PEPPOL, Chorus Pro, and IRP, to name a few options.


Compleo Hybrid includes everything, from file format conversion to document distribution

See for yourself !

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