EDI-ready Process Automation

Secure data exchanges between trading partners with API

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Easy integration

Connect with your existing BPM, CRM, or ERP for smooth interactions with just a one-time setup. No programming is needed. You can also qualify partners quickly for fast data exchanges, so all recipients are correctly authorized.

Customize to meet your needs

Convert documents to the norm your partners want, be it EDIFACT, X12 or Factur-X, UBL, CII, and the format required (XML, JSON, PDF/A-3) Scale your architecture to match business growth and use automation to eliminate user error. Whatever your industry requirements, you can connect to existing networks such as Peppol.

Trace all interactions

Every action can be securely monitored, allowing you to confirm where each document is in their lifecycle. This lets you verify the identity of each party involved and get insight in real time. What’s more, you can prepare for audits and compliance checks in advance and address issues early.

Shorter transaction times

Using a universal REST API driver, our solution simplifies communication between trading partners. Send invoices, purchase orders, and more, and you can receive instant responses from multiple vendors or customers through a single API.

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API based EDI integration

Directly deposit invoices, purchase orders, Advance Shipping Notices, and more to any business partner portal

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EDI with advanced API dialog

Business document exchange modernized with enhanced Web Service

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Accounts Payable automation with inbound invoice integration via SaaS Application

Enhance your existing procurement system with straightforward automated invoice processing

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Order-X standard XML embedded into PDF

Trade easily with multiple partners using digital exchange purchase orders

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Inbound order processing diagram

Create a secure and flexible workflow for inbound order processing alongside your current order management system

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Conversion de formatos y transferencia de datos

Transform your Electronic Data Interchange for greater efficiency

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Icon tools

Improve business document exchanges with advanced API

Integrate seamlessly with your existing process, no matter your industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

We were actively looking for a solution that could not only resolve our issue with digital signature validation but also make document exchange flawless using EDI communication. The introduction of Compleo into our business process helped with sending the digitally signed business documents directly into the client's portal through API integration. We look forward to digitizing our other processes using the Symtrax solution.

Harish Kumar
Sr. Manager Systems,

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