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Connect to Peppol for international

Meet Peppol standards with an automated workflow

Automatically send your business documents (invoice, letter of credit, product catalog, purchase order…)


Compleo provides secure document exchanges between customer and supplier

Simplify trade document processes

  • Multiple countries utilize PEPPOL, making procurement between both B2B and B2G participants easier.
  • Participants can connect using Compleo to bridge their IT setups and process trade documents automatically.
  • Public administration suppliers must adapt existing processes to meet international standards. Compleo uses automation to reduce potential errors from this exchange.

Implement a compliant paperless solution

  • Eliminate the need for printed documents with a paper-free, electronic workflow.
  • Enjoy the benefits of going paperless: save time, reduce costs and environmental impact, and ensure reliability.
  • Comply with PEPPOL regulations concerning e-invoicing and e-procurement.


Speed up IT integration

  • Integrate new vendors or customers into your IT setup instantly.
  • Each transaction is consistent: once established, the same process works with any connected participant. Improve existing B2B EDI actions (such as FTP or one-to-one API exchanges) with a fully compliant solution.


Improve document tracking and collection

  • Track the document exchange journey and receive progress updates on each document in real time.
  • A/P or A/R departments can instantly view changes in a document’s status, improving invoice collection and order acknowledgement.
  • All receipts are automatically acknowledged and reported, saving you effort.


Compleo offers hybrid architecture for Peppol SaaS Services

Compleo Peppol Manager secures communication with a Symtrax Certified Access Point in the cloud.  We handle document governance, traceability, and integrity automatically from start to finish. Similarly, this removes potential security issues from manual processes. By providing a gateway, Compleo allows you to govern and secure document exchanges.

Registered users can view and confirm each document’s status using the Compleo Peppol Manager web client. This lets you verify whether it is document’s status “Submitted”, “Delivered”, or experiencing an “Error”. You can also view message details depending on the response level.


Compleo seamlessly connects your enterprise to Peppol

Your company can benefit from a complete e-invoicing solution. Find out how Compleo can seamlessly connect your company to Peppol.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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Introducing Compleo PEPPOLManager

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