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Automate inbound order processing via SaaS portal

Create a secure and flexible workflow for inbound order processing alongside your current order management system


Secure your incoming orders with EDI

Streamline sales order processes

  • Simplify your incoming order workflow.
  • Transform customer order details and unstructured data into XML documents.
  • Address customer needs quickly without disrupting your existing ERP.

Ease supplier burden

  • Give suppliers the power to set customer permissions.
  • Receive files without opening ports for greater security.
  • Notify suppliers when documents are available for review.

Customize inbound order processing

  • Flexible EDI can handle a wide variety of non-structured documents.
  • Customer can connect to SaaS portal.
  • Choose how to exchange orders.

Enhance customer experience

  • Send alerts, notifications, and feedback in real time.
  • Process each file in the customer’s preferred format (PDF, TXT, XML, etc.).
  • No need for architecture changes.


Receive orders easily with a flexible EDI architecture

Compleo Gateway (Client or Web) lists order status and gives access to final processed document if required.

  • Compleo notifies the signer when each document is available.
  • The Cloud SaaS web application calls the Compleo Supervisor via gateway connector.
  • Compleo securely processes inbound documents with multiple run modes (call web service, trigger a workflow, etc.)


Optimize order management

Implement a single flexible inbound order workflow today.

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