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Why rethink Procure to Pay workflows?

Procure to Pay (also known as Purchase to Pay) can easily get confusing. The more manual input that goes into the process, the greater the chance for human error and costly business delays. However, by combining automation and customizable document solutions, you can manage all necessary documents.

Manage external documents digitally and seamlessly

  • No change to your existing ERP process needed
    With its large range of certified connectors, Compleo Suite quickly connects to your IT systems. As an external application, our digital document management solution easily bridges your email or electronic data interchange EDI with ERP. Compleo also connects with partners to share business documents produced by ERP, such as quotation requests or purchase orders (PO’s). These documents can be converted into industry-compatible formats, such as GS1, Odette, UBL, and more, and automatically distributed with read receipt notification.
  • Process tasks instantly
    Order acknowledgements or invoices automatically travel through the workflow to be verified and approved. Then, these business documents trigger an ERP process and are integrated into your ERP database. In this way, your Purchase to Pay process reduces repetitive tasks and entry errors.
  • Enhance your Procure to Pay workflow with advanced features
    Have you considered adding a digital signature to your purchase order? Or attaching your Terms and Conditions based on PO content? What if you could email a PO, not as an attachment, but as a URL, and acknowledge the read receipt after a single click? Our customizable document solution can address specific Purchase to Pay needs. Similarly, Compleo handles all file formats and document types, whether inbound or outbound.
  • Create a single document that is both human and machine-readable
    Avoid redundancy by releasing a single document, which could be XML, PDF, or a combination of both. Compleo Suite has multiple capabilities to read and transform each document and fit it into your Procure to Pay process. Furthermore, you can accommodate both electronic processes and visual management.

"Compleo Suite for SAP enabled us to manage, edit and print our forms without ABAP development and thus at a lower cost."

Simon Keilhack
IT Administrator / Security, m-tech

An all-in-one solution: document transformation and workflow


Simplify payment workflows

By using Compleo, you can automate your entire purchase order creation and vendor invoice processing workflow. Eliminate manual input and the potential for error while still maintaining control over the entire cycle. Above all, Procure-to-Payment solutions allow you to ensure productivity and anticipate changes.


Add and modify documents digitally

Your vendor will be notified if any documents require a signature and can add one using our digital signature feature. After the P.O is created, you can also review the document and attach terms and conditions (if needed). This way, there won’t be any information lost throughout the procure-to-pay cycle.


Compleo fits where you need it

Your current Procure to Pay process doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced entirely. If only some parts need improvement, then Compleo can enhance just those specific steps while seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow.

Modern features for a modern Procure-to-Pay document workflow

Compleo can read digital document formats for Quotes, Invoices, etc., and apply specific actions.
These actions include reviewing, adding digital signatures, and creating records in your ERP. Add readable, widely-used input formats like PDF and XML to increase accessibility.

Vendors can easily upload files by either sending attachments to a corporate email inbox or connecting to an online Compleo portal.
Using unique metadata, Compleo can send each document to specific recipients for approval.

Digital invoices and payments are key to streamlining business processes.
Compleo lets you monitor sent emails, read metadata, and apply specific actions.
Review and approve documents digitally for full control. You can also apply a signature based on either active directory credentials or a digital signature certificate.
Determine who can access each document, whether inside or outside your ERP.

Upload external documents to your ERP or create a record automatically based on document data to better manage large transactions.
Store external documents online and locate them based on specific metadata for reference and audit purposes.

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