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Enhance RFQ in Procurement with Automation

Quotation management and approval workflow simplified



Automate RFQ to PO Creation in a Single Click

Automated RFQ/Quotation comparison and evaluation

  • Eliminate the challenges associated with receiving quotations in diverse formats.
  • Generate detailed comparative analysis of RFQ responses, for criteria such as pricing, item quantity, net price, quoted price, total, and other relevant factors as per business requirement.
  • Easy Negotiation Outcomes with single window Comparison of selected quotations

Effortless integration with your system

  • Compleo can be seamlessly integrated with your existing ERP systems.
  • Implementation without the need for any additional programming.
  • Support and assistance during the integration process with your system ensures a seamless transition.

Eliminate errors and enhance accuracy

  • Improved decision-making ability to achieve more informed, data-driven, and transparent quotation selection.
  • Prevent any oversights in capturing quotations.

Tailored solution as per business needs

  • Customize the evaluation criteria based on the specific needs of the organization.
  • Complete workflow customization ensuring informed decisions are taken.


Procure to Pay: RFQ Automation workflow

  1. PR Raised: A PR is raised by the purchase department in the ERP.
  2. PR for Review: Compleo captures the PR and forwards it to the concerned authority within the organization for review and approval.
  3. RFQ Sent: Compleo creates and sends RFQ to a set of potential suppliers via a link to a portal. The vendors are expected to fill in the details for the sent RFQ containing all necessary details like product description and specifications.
  4. Quotations from each Vendor: Compleo seamlessly captures and collates relevant data from all the incoming quotations into an Excel Sheet.
  5. Best quotation selection: Compleo forwards the consolidated sheet to the Authorised personnel for effortless evaluation.

Read how our RFQ automation solution was implemented by a manufacturing company.


Transforming RFQ process in procurement

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