Case study

Manufacturing Company Automates their RFQ to PO Creation Process

Previously, we faced significant challenges in managing multiple vendor quotations manually, leading to errors and delays. Symtrax provided an innovative solution by introducing a pre-defined template for vendors to submit quotations directly to a user-friendly portal. The system's ability to automatically extract and process quotations has not only streamlined our workflow but has also enhanced accuracy and transparency. IT head said “I am particularly impressed with the seamless integration of this solution into our existing systems, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. Symtrax has truly modernized our procurement operations, saving us time, reducing errors, and improving overall collaboration with our vendors. Also, the quick implementation gave us a quick ROI, while enhancing the procurement team’s interactions with the vendors.

IT Head
Manufacturing Company

Initial Situation

The company sent out RFC to vendors and received multiple quotations from various vendors on a regular basis. Their multiple resources were engaged day long, with the volume of documents approximately 500 daily, in just manually extracting, analyzing, and comparing multiple quotations in the Excel sheet and then sending it to line managers for approvals. This method not only consumed valuable resources but also introduced errors and prolonged the purchase order (PO) creation process. The complexity of managing data in Excel sheets further exacerbated the challenges, necessitating a more streamlined and automated approach.

Solution by Symtrax

Symtrax stepped in to revamp the company’s procurement process. The company implemented a cutting-edge solution that introduced a pre-defined template for vendors to submit their quotations directly to an accessible portal. Through this portal, vendor quotations were automatically analyzed and processed. The solution also facilitated the direct comparison of quotations and the selection of the best quote, eliminating the need for manual intervention for preparing the comparison sheet. Intelligently routing the selected quotation to the concerned personnel for approval. Additionally, the solution enabled the automatic generation of POs in the company’s ERP system and the transmission of POs to the selected vendor.

Here is the workflow of our solution:

  1. Using Compleo, enter the vendor details such as name, email ID etc. and send the RFQ document to various vendors.
  2. Vendors then receive a link via email for filling quotation details.
  3. Compleo sends a predefined RFQ form. Vendors use this predefined form to fill, add, edit, and submit details such as item rate, offered price, quantity, date of delivery, etc. all in the platform accessible through any web browser. Simple and intuitive to use thus enhancing the supplier experience as well.
  4. Compleo then captures the data from all the incoming quotations and collates it into an Excel file for effortless comparison.
  5. Compleo intelligently routes the consolidated Excel file to the authorized personnel, based on the predefined business rules.
  6. The automated process workflow ensures better price comparisons and helps in selecting the best quotation.
  7. Once the approval is received, a PO will be created directly in the system and emailed to the selected vendor thus automating a tedious and cumbersome process making it completely paperless.

This streamlined approach not only improved accuracy but also significantly expedited the procurement workflow.


The successful implementation of Symtrax’s innovative solution

  • Achieved a notable 40% reduction in the time required for quotation processing and vendor selection.
  • Streamlined the procurement workflow, leading to quicker quote approvals and purchase order (PO) creation.
  • Implemented a pre-defined form on a web portal resulting in a significant 65% reduction in manual errors.
  •  Optimized resource allocation to other various tasks, ensuring better productivity and time management.
  • Fostered a more transparent and collaborative relationship with vendors.
  • Symtrax’s solution not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering tangible results that positively impacted our procurement operations with ROI in 6 months.

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