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Automate Accounts Payable Processes with Invoice Integration via SaaS Application

Enhance your existing procurement system with straightforward automated invoice processing


View supplier invoice status in real time

Free up your AP team to focus on high-value activities

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing processes to automate AP workflows without system changes.
  • Automate invoice reconciliation with ERP data, such as order forms.
  • Speed up inbound invoice processing with SaaS, API, and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

Improve transparency for better supplier engagement

  • Track and monitor all invoices with an invoice deposit portal.
  • Automate inbound invoice workflows and send all required invoice fields directly to your APIA systems for validation and further processing.
  • Meet deadlines while limiting the need for repeated manual updates.

Flexible invoice processing

  • Replace traditional email and PDF attachment exchanges with a traceable, secure Web EDI process.
  • Accept any invoice file format.
  • Give suppliers three different ways to connect via SaaS application and deliver invoices.

Make your existing AP investment more efficient

  • Recognize both structured and unstructured formats.
  • Embed metadata in electronic documents to ensure inbound invoices are indexed correctly.
  • Eliminate character recognition errors and typing mistakes to save time and reduce costs.


Introducing an inbound invoice processing workflow with Web EDI

Compleo Gateway provides your vendors multiple ways to submit invoices in your preferred file format.

  • API (XML)
  • Web portal/browser
  • Windows folder

As an SaaS portal, Compleo Gateway offers three ways to exchange business documents.

  1. If your supplier already uses an EDI format, it can automatically exchange its invoices through a Windows folder connected to our Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  2. When a supplier and a customer want a full IT integration, they can use the API channel. As for suppliers sending small volumes of invoices, it is best to use structured formats such as XML or JSON, which most recent ERPs currently provide.
  3. If PDF is the only option, then Compleo Hybrid can read document properties to proceed with the exchange automatically.


Experience streamlined inbound invoice management with a secure and flexible Web EDI

Automate your Accounts Payable procedures with inbound invoice processing.


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