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Optimize Order-X With an Efficient EDI

Trade easily with multiple partners using digital exchange purchase orders

Order-X standard XML embedded into PDF


Compleo Hybrid Order-X takes your P2P to the next level

Simplify integration into your existing ERP

  • Use your current ordering application without change.
  • Connect to your backend system with our certified IBM I, SAP, or web API connectors.
  • Convert your ERP files or purchase orders into the Order-X format while your IT resources remain independent.
  • No need for specialized coding, upgrades to your ERP, or unnecessary implementations.

Set up new vendors quickly

  • Add new vendors into your existing trade document workflow.
  • Connect easily with new vendors who may utilize Order-X.
  • Receive information from vendors quickly and seamlessly.
  • An efficient EDI ensures exchange document data is interpreted easily, without delay.

Reduce the number of purchase order rejections

  • No manual creation of your Order-X purchase orders.
  • Automate recurring purchase order tasks, reducing errors and rejections.
  • Whatever your purchase order’s file format (PDF, TXT, XML, Spool), Compleo Hybrid converts it into Order-X all at once.
  • Query a database or use an SAP Remote Function Call to get the missing data.

Achieve greater purchase order efficiency

  • Order-X is a standardized format that is not industry-specific.
  • It is a purchase order in an XML file embedded in a PDF/A-3.
  • The final version is both machine and human-readable.
  • Compleo Hybrid can assist you in integrating the Order-X standard to accommodate vendor requests.


How Compleo Hybrid enhances Order-X

Compleo Hybrid can process your purchase orders into the Order-X format and distribute them through the exchange method of your choice: Point-to-point connection or Value-Added Network (VAN).


Modernize your P2P process with Compleo Hybrid

Experience how Compleo Hybrid optimizes Order-X!

Upload an order form in PDF format and receive an Order-X version.

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