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Automate Your Order to Cash Cycle

Accelerate business processes with digital document workflows


Improve Order to Cash (O2C) productivity by leveraging digital document exchanges

Reduce day sales outstanding

  • Streamline and speed up your Order to Cash cycle.
  • Improve how you process and deliver quotes, sales orders, and invoices.
  • Automatically send business documents to the right person in the correct format.
  • Track the entire O2C workflow and receive read receipt acknowledgments.

Ensure invoice collection accuracy

  • Confirm invoice recipients and resubmit immediately if needed.
  • Monitor invoices as they are sent and read in real time.
  • Simplify collection by providing a document URL to read invoices and sort them by specific criteria.
  • Reduce overall collection times.

Adapt to format and exchange platform preferences

  • Comply with all necessary specifications.
  • Set up or improve EDI to meet e-invoicing automation requirements.
  • Convert existing invoices into various electronic formats, including UBL, UN/CEFACT, or Factur-x.
  • Communicate with dedicated exchange platforms, such as PEPPOL.


Compleo Hybrid is compatible with any O2C system

Compleo uses certified connectors to interact with multiple data points at once and compile documents from various databases. These connectors allow you to retrieve data in Spool, XML, and CSV files and can attach the final document to specific records in ERP.

Our Compleo Supervisor module manages your O2C document workflow. Configure processes based on document type, metadata, users, and ERP systems, and apply specific actions, such as printing, archiving, email, and more. Moreover, system admins can monitor ongoing actions from a single location, make necessary changes, and schedule batch delivery.


A paperless Order to Cash workflow solution

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