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Meet e-invoicing regulations by applying digital signature

Automatically apply digital certificates to PDF e-invoices in bulk


Streamline and secure bulk digital signatures while meeting important regulations

Comply with e-invoice requirements

  • Meet e-invoicing regulations that require a digital certificate embedded in e-invoices.
  • Distribute digitally signed PDF/A3 invoices including various formats such as Factur-X.
  • Provide business digital certification users the ability to view human-readable PDF/A3 content if necessary.

Sign from anywhere

  • Ensure that documents can be sent and signed on the go with Hybrid SaaS-based architecture.
  • Receive, validate, and sign invoices from either an office or remote workstation immediately after they have been generated from the ERP.
  • Rely on an automated centralized digital signature process to confirm invoice origin.

Protect the use of your digital certificate and maintain e-invoice integrity

  • Maintain invoice authenticity through an embedded digital certificate.
  • Secure invoices so receiving parties can approve immediately without going for double checks, calls, or multiple manual validations.
  • Preserve and protect sensitive information by applying a digital certificate.

Improve business continuity with partners

  • Boost your organization’s reputation and protect your brand by digitally certifying each document before being sent out to the receiving party.
  • Comply with e-invoicing regulations  without modifying existing invoicing tools or customer platforms.
  • Reduce processing times between parties.


Automate digital certificate applications with an integrated, flexible solution

Our solution provides different options for implementing your e-invoice signing process as explained below:

  1. Centralized signing with Hardware Security Modules (HSM): Once the invoice has been retrieved, Compleo Hybrid will look for the centrally stored digital certificate in the HSM and use the same for digitally certifying the invoice
  2. PFX key: Compleo Supervisor holds this and embeds it whenever a document has been retrieved.
  3. Compleo Remote Agent: You can access each invoice from a remote workstation on the internal company network or through a VPN and embed the digital certificate stored in a USB drive.
  4. Compleo Cloud Agent: User authentication can be done over a cloud network if connecting from outside the company, followed by embedding the digital certificate stored in a USB drive.

The digitally certified invoice can be distributed through various channels based on your business requirements.


Achieve digital signature integration for e-invoicing

Experience the benefits of an innovative digital certificate solution.

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