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Tailor SAP Output Documents

Distribute SAP output documents to business users and partners with ease


Deliver secure, modern SAP forms

Get digital and cloud compatibility

  • Integrate seamlessly with the SAP cloud platform.
  • Digitize existing business processes.
  • Use legacy-friendly web connector.

Transform commercial and trade documents with EDI

  • Choose your preferred final document formats.
  • Work with existing SAP systems.
  • Share results with a unique URL.

Work with input and output documents

  • Handle digital transformation.
  • Ensure SAP best practices compatibility.
  • Collaborate easily with partners, even if they don’t use SAP themselves.

Reduce SAP output document creation time

  • Manage large volumes of documents with high availability.
  • Access documents from mobile and cloud.
  • No ABAP coding needed.


Customize output document processes

With Compleo, IT Teams can enhance an output form in a single day. Once SAP Admin has authorized access, implementing and automating the workflow can take just a few days. SAP business users benefit from a tailored solution in a very short time after their request.

Symtrax SAP Certified BC-XOM Connector provides a secured connection to SAP ECC, HANA, or S/4Hana. We can also directly connect via SAP RFC and allow SAP to trigger Compleo, or prompt Compleo to inquire SAP through Bapi or Web API.


Adapt SAP output documents to meet new challenges

Find out how to customize your SAP output document process.

You authorize Symtrax to collect selected personal data. Symtrax uses this information to inform you about relevant business solutions, as stated in our data protection policy.

Case study

"Compleo has become vital in our daily lives. An export container cannot leave without the related export certificate, which previously represented pages and pages of certificates."

Lionel François
IT Manager, responsible for Inventory & Sales
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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