Bledina Seemlessly Migrates to SAP Thanks to Compleo Explorer


Compleo has become vital in our daily lives.

Lionel François,
IT Manager, responsible for Inventory & Sales


Following a group decision, Bledina, a leader in infant nutrition products has moved from the IBM System I platform to SAP. Mr. Lionel François, the IT Manager responsible for “inventory & sales” wanted to automate the production of its bundled Export Documentation (customs documents, and health & safety regulations). The aim was to allow users in the export department to edit their documents as per the recipient and comment on them. “We realized that we forgot to deal with the management of export documentation”, which had been significantly, delayed, resulting in repercussions on the completion of the SAP project. “We had to find an alternate solution quickly”. The planning constraint to create the interfaces was very important, says Mr. Lionel François “we had therefore put enormous pressure on Symtrax”.


Prior to moving on to SAP, Bledina was using the IBM System I Platform. At the outset, the generation of reports from System I Spools was carried out by Compleo and Mapping software.

“Already customers; we turned to Symtrax within the limited time-frame of our project to move Compleo Suite on to SAP. On the one hand, Symtrax understood our problem. On the other hand, their availability, reactivity, presence and willingness to provide a solution to our then pressing problem, persuaded and reassured us. At a technical level, Compleo offered us a wealth of functionality ensuring us of a flexible and reliable solution.”

Compleo Explorer module allows reading different SAP output formats. Among these formats, the competence center of Danone uses IDoc as the standard format across the SAP Servers hosted by Danone. The objective was for Compleo Suite to work directly with the IDocs created from the SAP system… Now end-users can generate export documents themselves as needed and when required from their SAP business application.

Benefits for the company

The Compleo Explorer solution is ”customized, scalable and adaptable, its major asset is its flexibility” said Mr. Lionel François. Compleo Suite’s adaptability to the technical constraints provided an interactive solution to edit documents at a lower cost. For the pre-defined SAP outputs, Compleo helped to reduce development costs, eliminate data entry errors and save time through automation. “Compleo has become vital in our daily lives. An export container cannot leave without the related export certificate, which previously represented pages and pages of certificates.”


About Bledina (DBNAO)

The company develops, manufactures and distributes infant nutrition products.

Three main areas: cereals, baby food and milk are processed through three production sites in France. DBNAO, the company dedicated to export represents : 71 people, a turnover in 2010 of 113 million euros and an increase of 8% over 2010.