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Automate Sales Order Creation in SAP

Process sales orders 5X faster by eliminating delays and errors


Automate sales order creation directly in SAP

Enhanced operational efficiency

  • Ensure complete compliance.
  • Customize to company’s needs.
  • Aids in efficient order cycle management.

Easy adoption

  • No change in existing system configurations needed.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Enterprise support.

Faster order processing

  • Process Purchase Orders in bulk.
  • Better data flow.
  • Real time monitoring and validation.

Better relationships

  • Gain customer trust.
  • Improve inter-department transparency.
  • Smooth collaboration.


Order Management Solutions with Symtrax

  1. Businesses receive multiple Purchase Orders (Pos) from customers in various formats through different channels, including B2B integration, web portals, and more..
  2. Compleo Hybrid, our AI-powered solution, automatically captures the new POs immediately.
  3. Data from these POs is read and extracted using AI and machine learning technology. This happens independently of the PO format and layout.
  4. Compleo then performs all validation checks and creates an SO based on the pre-defined rules. If validation fails, the concerned parties are informed about this failure and the reason for it.
  5. Based on values from the PO (such as PO number, customer name, and line items in PO) our order management solution intelligently recognizes the material naming conventions between trading partner systems and maps the data. It also translates and validates key information and automatically creates the necessary sales orders.
  6. SO is created in SAP, notifying all concerned parties/partners.
  7. Using AI-based RPA capabilities, repeat conversion and SO creation can be automated and simplified with real-time updates.


Purchase to Sales Order Automation

Reduce manual data entry efforts, eliminate errors, and automate SO creation.

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Case study

CavinKare streamlines business process with Compleo

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