Case study

India’s leading manufacturing company automates procurement processes.

“Our disbursement process suffered inefficiencies, negatively impacting vendor payment. Symtrax’s 100% invoice recognition and automation abilities helped us improve the entire procurement process considering the timeline, project quality, and budgets.”

Manufacturing Company
IT Head

Initial situation and challenge

This leading organization routinely generates POs and receives invoices from multiple vendors in various formats, including phone camera clicked documents, PDFs, and image files.

They needed a solution to challenges like the inefficient use of existing resources, approval process complexities, extensive dependency on paper, and lack of procurement operation visibility. This resulted in overdue invoice payments and no data transparency.

Having to manually generate the necessary purchase documents was a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Solution presented by Symtrax

Compleo, our flagship solution, helped the organization automate and standardize its entire procure-to-pay process. It also helped reduce the team workload and increase transparency.

With the help of automation, the following two P2P cycle processes are streamlined:

  1. After a purchase requisition is generated, Compleo compares multiple quotes received from various vendors and intelligently shortlists the best quotation, notifying the purchase team in the process.
  2. After approval, when Purchase Orders (POs) are generated from SAP, a terms and conditions page is automatically added. Then, digital signatures are applied to the POs, which are sent to the vendor, informing the internal authorities
  3. On receiving the shipment, the entire invoicing process is also automated with 3-way matching and seamless approval, thus expediting vendor payment.


Support from machine learning: Compleo can read digital document formats for quotes, invoices, and more. It can then apply required actions without the need for any manual intervention.

Manual data entry task eliminated: Digital signatures are applied to a huge volume of POs in real-time and intelligently distributed to the suppliers.  Invoices are matched with multiple documents automatically.

Better vendor management: Vendors can easily submit invoices by either connecting to an online Compleo portal or directly integrating with their existing system. This latter process is accomplished by calling a secure API provided to the vendors.

Easy approvals: By using built-in intelligence, Compleo can send each document to specific recipients for approval. Additionally, Compleo notifies concerned authorities and vendors in case of either successful payment or invoice mismatch as demanded by business teams.

Complete Compliance: Compleo provides a complete audit trail and generates a detail report on demand, which can also be scheduled at regular intervals.

Seamless integration with quick implementation: With certified SAP connector, Compleo integrated with the company’s SAP in minutes. Thus, the entire process was implemented in weeks.


Compleo helped streamline the purchase order and invoicing processes using intelligent automation. As a result, this eliminated discrepancies and errors. It also substantially increased processing speed increased substantially by introducing automation to the procure to pay cycle.