Purchase to Pay Process Optimization

Get Paid Faster with an Efficient Purchase to Pay Process

The Purchase to Pay processes involve all stages of business transactions and is an integral part to overall enterprise efficiency. Organizations face a number of challenges with these processes that can affect profitability, compliance, and efficiency; including process automation, process optimization, and profit retrieval. In addition, there are significant challenges to ensure that the purchase to pay process is fulfilled and the correct price is charged, the purchase order is transmitted correctly, the invoice matches, and that the supplier is paid the correct amount for the actual services delivered.

Our solution for

Simplifying and Enhancing your Purchase to Pay Processes

Using Compleo, we can easily integrate with your current ERP, CRM, BPM, or Legacy System to help automate the end to end Purchase to Pay process. Using a single centralized secure vendor access portal and file archive, your vendors can upload documents or you can view documents that are processing, need approvals, signatures, or are completed. Furthermore we can identify where the inefficiencies lie in the Purchase to Pay process by utilizing specific KPI’s to observe and improve the wasteful procedures.


of a Better Purchase to Pay Process

  • Automation of end to end Purchase to Pay processes
  • Integration with your ERP, CRM, BPM, or Legacy system
  • A single, secure, vendor portal and document archive
  • Notification of PO/invoice approvals and signatures
  • Reduce manual and paper-based Purchase to Pay practices

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Customer story

Amiantit Oman Co. LLC. Reduces its Order to Cash Cycle using Compleo Suite

By incorporating Compleo into its infrastructure, Amiantit Oman has successfully progressed towards capitalizing their Net Working Capital Performance by automating a complex business process.


Automate your P2P Purchase to Pay process

In this short video, you will see how you can automate your PO’s, Invoices, and Goods in/Receivable matching process, regardless of your current ERP, by using Compleo Suite from Symtrax.

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