Flexibility in managing electronic invoicing

Handle continuous changes to government specifications and customer requests.

Easily integrate new requirements and setup a reliable electronic distribution of your documents

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

Simplify and Automate your Document Management Process

How does Compleo manage flexibility?

Create appealing PDFs from your certified XML

Automatically convert and distribute certified XML into a readable PDF that can include additional consumer information such as bank details, terms and conditions, medical side effects, bar code, images, and much more.

Download our White Paper, “Considerations to Establish an Electronic Invoicing System in Costa Rica”

Manage XML and its associated PDF in a secure web repository

From a central location, on premises or cloud, a user can view both linked formats creating consistency and traceability.

Access each invoice through a unique and secure URL link

No longer need to send multiple copies as attachments, therefore saving broadband and email server space. No more worrying about emails being filtered as spam.

Speed up collection process

Track and read receipts invoice receipts to see important data, such as when they were read and by whom. Each click on the document URL is logged to help Accounts Receivable department monitor collections.

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