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Digital Signatures: Everything you need to know

The growing need for digitization often finds ways to be challenging when it comes to compliance or security concerns. A lot of this has to do with the documentation and backend business processes that require hefty paperwork and constant approvals. Digital signatures play a vital role in maintaining and verifying the integrity of documents, approvals, and signer identity. Digital signing solutions have grown in importance over time, so it makes it all the more important for us to understand the technicalities and the specifics that come with it.  

This e-book explores 

  • What are digital signatures and how do digital signatures work? The concepts behind PKI (Public key infrastructure), private key, and public keys. 
  • The digital signing or digital signature process. 
  • The issuance of Class 3 digital signatures, its requisites and how to acquire it.
  • Options to digitally sign documents with Digital signature certificates (DSC), Hardware Security Modules (HSM), and PFX files. 
  • How to digitally sign PDFs or business documents.  
  • The importance and the impact of digital signatures. 
  • How can you incorporate the right digital signature solution in your business processes? 
  • The relevance of digital signature automation from the perspective of your digitization efforts.  
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