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The GAZT has notified that the first phase of e-Invoicing will begin from 4th of December 2021. This phase also requires entities to upgrade and install compliant e-invoicing systems in order to be able to integrate with GAZT’s e-invoicing platform during the second implementation phase.

To help you prepare for this new system in time, Symtrax, a global e-invoicing solution provider, presents an exclusive webinar  'E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia: Simplifying compliance for your business', on 11th August at 12 PM IST | 10:30 AM GST.

The webinar will also have a live Q&A session. Our expert will address all your questions to help make your transition towards e-Invoicing truly seamless.

Key Takeaways -

  • Applicability of e-Invoicing and timelines
  • Understanding the e-Invoicing workflow
  • Prerequisites for businesses to prepare for e-invoicing
  • Analysis of different modes of generating e-invoices
  • Detailed walkthrough of an end-to-end e-invoicing solution from Symtrax

With over 30 years of exceptional services and more than 12 years of average customer loyalty, at Symtrax we prioritize flawless digital solutions.

E-invoicing being one of our core offerings, we have provided expertise around the globe with commendable experience with the PEPPOL standard, the ChorusPRO platform specifically in France, the recent FACe implementation in Spain, and the GST e-invoicing mandate in India.

Join us !

Presented by
Jagruti Kale
Solution Consultant