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Publish performance metrics in a centralized web interface, allowing you to align corporate strategic objectives across business departments

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Enhance and Distribute Your Data Online

With StarQuery for Dashboard, management can easily create dashboards that visually communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in graphs and tables. Internal communication is simplified as teams are able to access queries and data from a centralized web interface. Through StarQuery for Dashboard, users share dataset views that are always up-to-date.

Highlight Important Data

Easily Distribute Reports

Mobile Accessibility

Benefits of an online reporting solution like StarQuery for Dashboard

Create and easily configure graphs

Personalize and highlight data using charts and pivot tables.

Align business departments with corporate strategy to achieve functional synergies

Dashboards can be created for each department or shared company-wide. Easy online access allows for clear performance objectives and facilitates effective project management.

Internally Communicate KPIs

With our web interface, access can be restricted to authorized users, keeping your data secure for your team. No matter where they are, users can securely view dashboards for informed decision making.

Combine Multiple Data Sources

Establish a single source of truth and stop the never-ending search for data in large, messy databases. Build dashboards for efficient data analysis by combining data from multiple databases.

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What our customers said about StarQuery for Dashboard

"Very efficient, StarQuery gives us standardized and beautiful reporting, it's really more flexible than our ERP system"

Colin Burns, Sales Director @ Groupe HK

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