Financial Data Analysis

Automatically extract your financial data into Excel

Finance and accounting handle a large volume of data from multiple sources, such as accounting software, bankroll, and subsidiary Excel sheets. CFOs and their coworkers need to aggregate this data to create daily, ad hoc reports to measure corporate performance. Managers require up-to-date statistics in order to generate better financial forecasts and make informed business decisions. Unfortunately, financial reporting is prone to human error, as figures are drawn from disparate databases and input manually.

Our solution to

Build Excel reports with ease using your financial data

StarQuery Suite gives end users the capability to combine data from disparate databases. It automates data extraction into Excel and allows you to personalize reporting. This solution permits you to view data precisely, in real time to make the right decisions, quickly. It helps CFOs to build all kinds of financial reports, including activity cost reports, cost center analysis, general ledger and more.

Benefits of

Improving financial data extraction into Excel

  • Reduce CFO dependence on IT resources
  • Reports creation with up-to-date, multi-source data
  • Use of accurate data
  • Time-saving extraction & automation tools

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Customer story

Thiess improves Report Creation and Data Extraction with StarQuery

Thiess struggled to keep up with the constant change in reporting requirements and the pace at which requests were being made. Thiess found a solution in StarQuery that simplified extraction from their Oracle database. In the process, they cut their technology costs.


Infographics Style Reporting

Using StarQuery as an infographics tool will help you to reinforce corporate branding, streamline communication and visualize your business data. Better late than never to transform your gloomy data reports into eye-catching visuals for easy analysis.

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