Compleo Hybrid + SAP S/4hana

A Flexible Supplier Invoice Workflow for SAP S/4Hana

An AI-enabled Invoice Management Solution to Enhance S/4Hana AP Process


Automate your Accounts Payable process by leveraging the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, to enhance your SAP S/4Hana AP capabilities.
Our innovative Invoice Management solution allows you to eliminate manual invoice processing, reduce delays, errors, and costs, resulting in more invoices to be processed daily.
Experience the benefits of automation, increased
visibility, greater control, and relevant reporting, leading to a more productive Accounts Payable department and equipping your C-Suite with vital information to make informed data-driven decisions. 

Unify Relevant Accounts Payable Data in a single Dashboard


Greater visibility with Real-time information:

A single interface provides a holistic, real-time view of your invoice processing, enabling greater visibility and better control throughout.

  • Gain better AP performance insights, real-time invoice status, flagged discrepancies, exception handling, and audit trail.
  • Experience advanced data filtering and exporting capabilities, resulting in cleaner data and efficient reporting, so you can quickly escalate issues and promote data-driven decisions.

Increase AP Processing & Accuracy:

  • Process higher volumes of invoices faster and more accurately using automated invoicing workflows and 3-way matching.
  • Say farewell to erroneous data entries and hello to automatic data integration into your SAP S/4 Hana system! The Smart-data extraction provided by Microsoft Azure AI component ensures data accuracy. No more invoice duplicates or discrepancies for your team!

Internal Control & Verification

  • Fast verification of the received supplier invoice data against the information stored in your SAP Vendor Master Record. Highlighting any changed banking information provides a layer of security, while confirmation gives you the confidence to know that you are paying into the correct supplier bank account.
  • Combat internal fraud and ensure AP protocols are followed with a comprehensive audit trail. A detailed log of activities across all processing tasks provides traceability and allows you to see who performed which task, including overrides and changes to the original information.

Compleo invoice platform dashboard

Advantages of using Compleo Invoice Platform (CIP) for SAP S/4Hana  

  • Symtrax is an SAP partner using SAP-certified software 
  • No ABAP Coding or additional development is required for integration with your S/4Hana system 
  • Quick integration with S/4Hana by leveraging BAPIs 
  • CIP is a SaaS-based solution, independent from any SAP changes or upgrades  
  • Validation and 3-Way matching of invoice information (PO & GRN) 
  • Advanced Automated Approval workflow for Good-to-Pay by authorized Buyer  
  • Better communication between departments – any business user within your organization can participate in the Invoicing Process without being a licenced user of the solution.  Easily request additional or missing documents, approvals, without leaving your solution screen   
  • On-demand or prescheduled synchronization of Supplier information, Purchase Order details, itemized GRN data extracted from your S/4Hana  
  • Invoice Status communicated: Parked, Posted, Blocked, Unblocked, Paid. 
  • Legal archiving: Once an invoice status is classified, the complete audit trail of the invoice gets sent to your preferred archiving system such as SAP DMS, SAP Cloud Platform, Compleo Archivor, and others. 

Learn how Compleo Invoice Platform complements SAP S/4Hana to streamline the supplier invoice process

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Customer Success

Pour vous accompagner dans votre projet d’automatisation de la réception des factures fournisseurs, vous pouvez compter sur nos consultants qui connaissent : 

  • SAP B1 et ses API 
  • Les bonnes pratiques des comptables 
  • L’état de l’art en matière de workflows de vérification et de validation des factures  

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