Automate incoming document integration into your ERP

Use machine learning to capture data instantly

Streamline business processes

  • Make document and data access freely available.
  • Improve traceability between various departments or sites with relevant metadata recovery and proof files.

Save time and reduce manual errors

  • Eliminate the processing times associated with manual re-entry.
  • Guarantee data accuracy by extracting directly from received documents and integrating into your IT system.
  • Ensure optimal recognition rates using a combination of OCR with AI and Machine Learning.

Improve customer/supplier relations

  • Speed up Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay cycles thanks to integration between information systems.
  • Work with existing partner setups without the need for any changes.
  • Keep exchanges easy and secure using message queues that don’t require open ports to receive documents.

How does our document integration solution work with Machine Learning?

Compleo Hybrid integrates Azure Form Recognizer technology to enable incoming document processing. Compleo’s solution can transform these documents into data that can then be integrated into your IT system, regardless of the document type. Examples include invoices, credit notes, sales orders, and more. Several processes can be run at the same time, depending on the format (paper, PDF, XML, etc.).

  • If the incoming document is a PDF file or image scan, Azure Form Recognizer analyzes it and extracts the data. Depending on the confidence index, the document will have to be verified or validated by a user before it can be automatically integrated into the target IT system.
  • If the confidence index is high enough, the document will be automatically integrated without any further steps.
  • If the incoming document is a structured file, Compleo Hybrid automatically extracts data and then continues with integration as stated above.

Machine Learning ensures a high confidence index that facilitates processes automation and helps avoid the need for manual validation.

Automatically capture all incoming document flows


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