Automate incoming invoice processing

End-to-end automation for inbound invoice recognition and integration


Take Accounts Payable invoice management digital

Flexible implementation

  • Integrate into your current organization without disrupting existing processes.
  • Enhance A/P security and traceability.
  • Implement user-friendly digital transformation.

Improve Accounts Payable (A/P) productivity

  • Eliminate manual entries and vendor invoice management delays.
  • Review exceptions via user-friendly interface.
  • Add approval workflow if required.
  • Integrate data automatically into your ERP.

Comply with the latest e-invoicing protocols

  • Handle existing PDF or new structured formats, whatever the inbound protocol.
  • Automate inbound invoice format conversion for ERP compatibility.
  • Manage domestic and international incoming invoices.
  • Achieve global compliance with e-invoicing & e-reporting rules, whether B2B or B2G.

Transform inbound invoice processing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Compleo Hybrid fits into your existing IT architecture, securing external access and offering automated incoming invoice workflows. All consecutive steps are automated, including receiving, converting, verifying, validating, and integrating into your ERP. The result is complete digital transformation for your incoming invoice processes.


Compleo Hybrid addresses all inbound invoice management requests


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