Automate purchase order integration

Compleo Hybrid makes this process effortless and error-free

Implement a cloud-based
digital business platform

to modernize inbound EDI

  • Ease new trading partner onboarding: No development effort required. Instead, receive business documents through an intuitive web interface or from a partner’s system. Simplify partner registration with authentication key.
  • Offer inbound APIs: Automatically receive the predefined structured files of your choice. Web Server API is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud for reliability and security. Benefit from a secure process using access key and encryption with https protocol.
  • Preserve your internal network security:  Receive documents safely without opening ports.
  • Show processing status: Track each document with real-time reporting.
  • Include properties: Include properties, values, and the relevant file, along with return status.
  • High Availability: The web service is available to sending parties even if your internal resources are unavailable, and benefits from MS Azure replication in multiple regions.

Ease ERP integration

without compromising security or performance

  • Compleo Hybrid’s generic API interface builds communication with multiple business applications that offer access via APIs.
  • Advanced ERP feedback is sent to the SaaS Portal, helping the sending party trace each document status in real time.
  • Live reporting gives you instant notification and monitoring for each ERP integration process.

See our solution in action

Learn how to automatically retrieve, process, and integrate business partner documents with Compleo Hybrid in our video demo.

Easily modernize your EDI processes

Contact us today for a custom demonstration.

« We were actively looking for a solution that could not only resolve our issue with digital signature validation but also make document exchange flawless using EDI communication. The introduction of Compleo into our business process helped with sending the digitally signed business documents directly into the client’s portal through API integration. We look forward to digitizing our other processes using the Symtrax solution »

Harish Kumar – Sr. Manager Systems
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Manage inbound documents without interference

Think about how much time and money is spent having employees browse through cluttered email inboxes as they look for time-sensitive documents from business partners. Even after successfully locating them, they need to determine which data is needed to log into their ERP/financial systems, only to then begin the arduous task of manually inputting it. This can lead to disastrous clerical errors that affect critical business operations. Our solution automates purchase order integration for quick and accurate results that match your needs. Contact us today for a custom demonstration.