Compleo WebSign

Approve business documents in just a few clicks with Compleo WebSign

As a Symtrax client who meets our configuration prerequisites*, we’re giving you the exclusive offer to test our new electronic signature module, Compleo WebSign.

Compleo WebSign lets your customers, suppliers, and other partners sign any type of business documents, including:

Purchase Orders



Compleo WebSign works in synergy with other Compleo modules

With Compleo WebSign, the entire document management process is fully automated. From document creation to signature, distribution, and internal or cloud storage, you can organize a complete workflow and reduce transaction times.

Easy implementation

Our electronic signature solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure without requiring major changes. In addition, Compleo Websign works well with an ERP, such as SAP or IBMi systems.

Fast ROI

Rather than sending each business document by mail, asking the recipient to print and scan it, and then repeating the process over and over again, you can distribute documents electronically for instant confirmation. This fast turnaround reduces your collection time and maximizes your ROI with minimal investment.

Compliance review 

Prepare for audits and compliance checks with our comprehensive document system. Compleo logs each transaction and provides details for accounting purposes. Verify who has accessed each item while customizing your process to meet specific standards.

Two-factor authentication

Compleo WebSign offers multi-factor authentication (via email and unique code sent by SMS) for greater security. Administrators can specify access conditions for each user to increase.


An optimal SaaS application must offer traceability that meets the appropriate rules. This is the case with Compleo WebSign, our external electronic signature solution, which allows for easy exchanges between customers and suppliers.

Why choose Compleo WebSign?

Sign documents electronically, anytime and anywhere

Access on the device of your choice (computers, tablets, smartphones on iOS / Android)

Personalize your signature using text, image, or draw functions

Get unlimited processing capacity

How does Compleo WebSign work?

Our tutorial videos are here to guide you. See our signature solution in action below:

Simplify your external validation process with Compleo WebSign

Apply now for your trial license and sign up to 100 documents for free**

*Compleo Suite 7.1 (June 2018) - Supervisor, Layout or Designer modules - Port 8754 open on the Supervisor server

**Free offer limited to a quantity of signatures for 100 documents and / or a period of 30 days