Revolutionize Your Invoice Management with Compleo Invoice Platform

Seamless Integration, Smarter Collaboration, and AI-Powered Efficiency

Compleo Invoice Platforme

Tired of the endless back-and-forth in your Accounts Payable process?

Meet Compleo Invoice Platform (CIP) – the ultimate solution designed to cut through the clutter, streamline your workflow, and bring unparalleled efficiency to your financial operations.

Compleo Invoice Platforme

The Pinnacle of Invoice Processing

With CIP, you’ll transform your AP system into a powerhouse of productivity.

A Centralized Dashboard

No more toggling between systems. CIP provides a single interface for managing every aspect of your invoice processing. Visualize your entire workflow at a glance and take control like you’ve always wished you could.

AI-Powered Processing

Cut processing times from hours to mere minutes. Our AI technology automates data entry and validation, ensuring accuracy and speed with every invoice.

Real-Time Collaboration

Say goodbye to bottlenecks. CIP enables your team to collaborate effectively, providing the right information to the right people, right when they need it.

Comple Invoice Platform

Key Benefits That Speak Volumes:

  • Boosted Productivity:
    Companies using CIP report at least a 50% reduction in processing times.

  • Complete Compliance:
    Rest easy with built-in compliance and avoid fraud by automatically verifying supplier information (IBAN, address, etc.). 

  • Robust Fraud Prevention:
    Advanced security and fraud-filtering measures to protect your financial data. . 


Integration That Just Works

CIP seamlessly syncs with your existing ERP or accounting systems, making integration a breeze. With our API connections, your backend system software will be speaking the same language as CIP in no time.

Multi-Platform Connectivity:

Whether it’s SAP, Oracle, or any other system, CIP connects without a hitch.

Storage Made Easy:

Our advanced storage system keeps your records organized and accessible.

Hear It From Our Customer

Axens témoignage Factures électroniques

We had a lot of forms integrated into SAP and lacked the flexibility and agility to meet the needs of our businesses. Symtrax offers very interesting solutions to help us.

— Thibaut Moreaux

SAP Consultant, Axens

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