Nîmes, Londres, Boston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Pune, Walldorf                                                     Sept. 2, 2019

 Improve Your Validation and Remote Printing Processes With Compleo Suite Version 7.7

 Nîmes, London, Boston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Pune, WalldorfSeptember 2, 2019 In an effort to continually improve business processes, Symtrax has announced the latest version of its Compleo Suite document management solution.

The following features have been expanded:

  • Validation and Signature: Compleo Remote Agent users now have the option to fill and modify the text and signature fields (electronic format or ink) simultaneously in the same interface.

In addition, the posting of an electronic certificate after validation is available through Compleo Remote Agent or Compleo Reviewer, depending on the level of qualification required.

  • Remote Printing: Compleo Suite Version 7.7 also provides enhancements to remote printing capabilities. The central module of the suite, Compleo Supervisor, now displays the list of sent documents to be printed on the user side via the Compleo Remote Agent interface. This allows users to choose the most suitable document printing process for them, such as printing on the default printer, displaying the selection window, displaying the document, and more.

About Symtrax

Symtrax is a document management solutions publisher with nearly 3,000 customers worldwide. Compleo Suite improves the entire business document life cycle from creation to digital storage. Optimize management systems to increase business productivity. With offices around the world, Symtrax uses its international presence to work closely with customers and improve software performance through direct feedback.

Compleo Suite is currently composed of 11 modules, all of which are fully customizable on a case-by-case basis according to user needs. Find out more at: www.symtrax.com

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