Compleo WebSign, Compleo Designer, and other modules receive new features.

Nîmes, London, Boston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Pune, WalldorfNovember 12, 2019This month, international document solutions provider Symtrax is announcing Compleo Suite Version 7.10, which includes updates and expanded features for several Compleo modules.

It is now possible to create and manage both users and groups in the Compleo WebSign module of Compleo Console. By filtering data based on group membership, those running Compleo can also prevent users from viewing all documents as they are sent for signature, adding more control. Further updates to Compleo WebSign include support for Catalan-language text, as well as the ability to change signature page and position directly in the user’s browser. Within Compleo Suite,  WebSign users can now choose to enter a user group string and can designate a signature page or position as “not fixed”.

The second module to see major improvements is Compleo Designer, specifically in XML mode. Four new XML Element Tree functions let users “Highlight elements using variables”, “Search”, “Collapse/Expand children”, and “Delete node but keep children”. Designer users can open a centralized “sample XML file” for streamlined workflow.

This update brings Compleo PEPPOL Web Manager 1.0 online, allowing non-administrator users to access all application features through a browser. This application makes it possible to send orders, invoices, or catalogs to any company using the PEPPOL eProcurement network  and monitor document process jobs. After being granted access, users can view participant and subgroup documents themselves to facilitate workflows.

About Symtrax

Symtrax is a document management solutions publisher with nearly 3,000 customers worldwide. Compleo Suite improves the entire business document life cycle from creation to digital storage. Optimize management systems to increase business productivity. With offices around the world, Symtrax uses its international presence to work closely with customers and improve software performance through direct feedback.

Compleo Suite is currently composed of 11 modules, all of which are fully customizable on a case-by-case basis according to user needs. Find out more at:

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