Compleo Suite Versions 7.8 and 7.9 Bring Updates for WebSign, Compleo for XML, and More


Nîmes, London, Boston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Pune, WalldorfOctober 3, 2019 Symtrax has announced Compleo Suite 7.8  and Compleo Suite 7.9, the latest updates to its dynamic collection of digital solutions. These two editions include changes to the company’s document management offerings to make it easier to coordinate interactions. Users will especially see new features regarding confirmation and finalization.


It is now possible to see the status of documents submitted to Compleo Web Sign, an integrated digital signature module, via Compleo Console. If needed, users can deactivate and re-send documents this way as well. Deactivation is possible in the Compleo Supervisor interface, too, making it easier to manage functions throughout the suite.

Key among these updates is the new XML mode in Compleo Designer. This allows users to convert ERP-generated XML files into their preferred format.

Other updates and expanded features include:


  • Compleo for XML now works with PEPPOL Manager 2.0
  • Buttons “Test connection” have been added on each type of Shared Connection
  • Event forwarding email is sent when Compleo Supervisor crashes (in service mode)
  • Added “Connector/Identifier” column, and “user name” filter, in “Remote Printing” tab
  • Search feature in “Remote Agent” and “Validation and Signature” tabs
  • Additional files can be embedded in PDF file for Factur-X/ZUGFeRD documents
  • The “mandatory/optional” addition, which can require Remote Agent users to edit certain text zones
  • A “language variable” feature for Compleo WebSign emails
  • A secondary color set for colorblind users to differentiate variables and original text zones in Compleo Layout


About Symtrax

Symtrax is a document management solutions publisher with nearly 3,000 customers worldwide. Compleo Suite improves the entire business document life cycle from creation to digital storage. Optimize management systems to increase business productivity. With offices around the world, Symtrax uses its international presence to work closely with customers and improve software performance through direct feedback.


Compleo Suite is currently composed of 11 modules, all of which are fully customizable on a case-by-case basis according to user needs. Find out more at:

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