Newest editions include updates to Layout, Designer, WebSign

Nîmes, London, Boston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Pune, WalldorfDecember 23, 2019 As the year draws to a close, Symtrax, a global document solutions provider, has announced two versions of its flagship Compleo Suite solution. Although they include updates to three different Compleo solutions, these latest features specifically center around invoicing needs.

Compleo Suite Version 7.11 adds international capabilities to both Compleo Layout and Compleo Designer. These two programs can now connect to Version 3 of Compleo PEPPOL Manager for compliance with the PEPPOL standards. Similarly, Layout and Designer can now create QR codes for Swiss payment slips and invoices. As a result, this allows for customized and secure business document exchanges.

Compleo Suite Version 7.12 introduces a new SaaS architecture that integrates the main function into Compleo WebSign, our digital signature solution. In addition, WebSign now includes a “secured access” function: when enabled, this feature prevents documents from sending if they are missing the recipient’s contact number. Finally, it is now possible to force the end user to sign documents using one of WebSign’s three signature options (drawing, typing, or uploading a previously saved image of a signature).

Current and new users are encouraged to contact our sales team for more information.

About Symtrax

Symtrax is a document management solutions publisher with nearly 3,000 customers worldwide. Compleo Suite improves the entire business document life cycle from creation to digital storage. Optimize management systems to increase business productivity. With offices around the world, Symtrax uses its international presence to work closely with customers and improve software performance through direct feedback.

Compleo Suite is currently composed of 11 modules, all of which are fully customizable on a case-by-case basis according to user needs. Find out more at:

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