Production to delivery workflows

Enhance document workflows from start to finish.

Adapt quickly to changes

When regulations, partners, or markets change, you can gather data from any source instantly and use it to define new documents via our straightforward UI, including shipping documents, logistics documents, labels, production reports, or export documents

Reduce time-to-market delays

End-users can freely add necessary information, barcodes, QR codes… on any kind of document: no third party required.

Increase efficiency

Add flexibility, consistency, and productivity with a centralized document storage solution, all independent from your IT system.
Applicable to production orders, removal orders, delivery notes, export labels, and more.

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  • ECC6, Hana, S/4Hana
  • SAP-certified solution
  • SAP Silver Partner
  • IBM i, Linux
  • IBM Business Partner
Business Applications
  • Microsoft Gold Certification

Siemens Corporation can create a single report from various sources:

From SAP Batch reports to MS Excel,

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our document management solution, Compleo Suite, allows you to adapt or enrich your ERP output documents without any IT system changes. This is true for any type of logistics document your partner may require, including picking lists, bills of lading, delivery notes, to name a few.

Our software, Compleo Suite,  reorganizes data from spool files to meet with local regulations. This includes changing an export document’s language on the fly to avoid translation errors.

Sure! Compleo Suite, a document management solution, changes the label format depending on variables you identify in your spool files.

Yes, you can. Our software creates document bundles from different sources. You can add a sanitary certificate produced by an external lab to you export documents for example, if customs require you to do so. To avoid having to email large documents as attachments, we recommend storing the files and sending a unique URL to the recipient instead.

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