SAP Printing

A wide variety of SAP business documents created in MM, SD, HR, PP and many more, are still required to be printed regardless of the advances in recent technologies.

In order to ease and control all SAP printing operations, whether batch printing or user printing, a Windows print management software such as Compleo Print Manager offers a significant improvement to a SAP Basis Team, an Admin or a Network.

Compleo Print Manager, a Certified SAP solution, allows you to:

  • Set up SAP printers using  Windows drivers only
  • Route any SAP Print to the correct printer. Without complex programming or setup
  • Define a back-up printer to take over a defective one
  • Manage bandwidth issues caused by large SAP prints. Smart compression and font management
  • Support secure SAP print requiring a printer badge for delivery
  • Replace a defective printer with a new one, regardless of brand
  • Define advanced configuration, or multiple advanced configurations, for the same printer. Such as two sided printing or multi-tray selection
  • Detect and restart operations without page duplication or a missing page in case of print failure. Printed page status is returned to SAP, strong requirement for labels printing
  • Offer SAP Users re-print capability

Compleo Print Manager Software connects to any SAP system or version with SAP BC-XOM protocol.