Amiantit Oman Co. LLC. Reduces its Order to Cash Cycle using Compleo Suite


I have seen major improvements within our due payments recovery cycle reduced by upto 4 weeks, since we have adopted Compleo to automate our Order to Cash process.

Mr. Randeep Tondon, Manager of Finance


Amiantit Oman is using JD Edwards OneWorld Xe supported by SQL Server Database. Their Consolidated Invoices are generated from JD Edwards & routed to a network printer that has pre-printed stationary. Delivery Orders generated from JDE are shipped along with the goods to the customer.

Customer acknowledged Delivery Orders are received and manually attached to the printed invoices along with customer signed purchase orders. The entire set is then delivered to the customers through Amiantit sales team for payment collection by the Accounts receivable department.


Before the implementation of Compleo Suite, executives took a lot of time to manually split – sort invoices, delivery orders & purchase orders which were then manually merged. Sales team took time to deliver the entire set of documents to the customers hence accounts receivable could not follow up to recover due payments quickly. This manual process was inefficient & error prone with frequent issues of invoice not getting delivered on time. Also dependency on pre-printed stationary was leading to high operational costs.


Raman Sibal, AGM IT believes “Compleo Suite today has completely automated their Order to Cash process”. Respective invoices, scanned delivery orders & purchase orders are automatically split – sorted – matched with each other. Merged invoices, delivery orders & purchase orders are delivered to customers via Email. A periodic report listing details of pending invoices, delivery orders & purchase orders are mailed simultaneously to the delivery & accounts receivable department for faster realization of missing documents. Leveraging the non-programming Compleo technology, a template was designed embedding the pre-printed stationary layout into the documents generated thus completely eliminating dependency on preprinted stationary.

“Compleo has been valuable in assisting us streamline our complex Order to Cash process. Symtrax Solution & Support Services Team is World Class.” – Mr. Raman Sibal, Assistant General Manager, IT


By incorporating Compleo into its infrastructure, Amiantit Oman has successfully progressed towards capitalizing their Net-Working Capital Performance by automating a complex business process. Reduced operational costs by eliminating dependency on pre-printed stationary. Account Receivable collection time has significantly reduced due to process automation. Also resources that were tied in the previous manual process are now utilized more efficiently for achieving other business objectives resulting in high business productivity. Randeep Tandon, Manager of Finance believes “Leveraging Compleo` s Technology, Amiantit Oman has increased its credibility with customers by delivering professional reports electronically with speed & accuracy.” Amiantit Oman is now planning to utilize Compleo’s capabilities in report distribution and in automating their purchase order and sales proposal processes.


About Amiantit Oman

Amiantit Oman is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the Sultanate of Oman, incorporated in 1974. With diverse product range and a stellar example of leadership through innovation, sustained growth and quality consciousness.