Case study

How a leading automobile ancillary manufacturer implemented GRN automation process with Compleo to enhance JIT process.




Average Time

<1 minute

to process a GRN

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Symtrax simplified our day-to-day GRN creation problem and helped us digitize it with Compleo. We no longer have to worry about manual data entry errors or lost GRN documents, and the real-time visibility into our inventory levels. We appreciate the quick implementation of Symtrax solution in our existing systems and constant support whenever needed.

Head IT

Initial situation & challenge

With operations spanning multiple locations across India, manually processing GRN was time-consuming and error prone which led to issues such as incorrect inventory levels, lack of transparency, and reduced operational efficiency. In addition, with the traditional processes, the company faced difficulties in tracking supplier performance and making informed decisions about supply chain.

With operations spanning at multiple locations in India, teams were charged with the difficulty of manually processing GRN on receiving goods.

This created 5 major challenges:

  1. The goods received from vendors often came in batches with about 100-300 invoices delivered thrice a week. Processing this manually was time-consuming and highly error prone.
  2. Incorrectly captured information due to manual data entry caused delays in invoice and payment processing for the vendors.
  3. Errors in GRN data resulted in incorrect inventory levels and reduced operational efficiency.
  4. Due to lack of transparency and streamlined flow, the authorities were not notified about the real time status of the goods.
  5. The company also faced difficulty in tracking supplier performance and taking informed decisions.

Hence, they explored options to transform their GRN process without disrupting their existing set-up. After a thorough evaluation of multiple parameters including integrability, future scalability and enough flexibility to adapt to any future change requests, they found Symtrax automation solution the best fit with the best ROI, which could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and provided real-time visibility for the production line to improve resource utilization to optimize JIT.

Solution presented by Symtrax

Using a web-portal suppliers upload invoices or delivery notes during the shipment of goods. Compleo smartly captures the required details from the document and based on the validation checks and multiple matching, notifies to warehouse personnel for GRN approval. With the single click approval, creates GRN against the purchase order number in SAP, using MIGO transaction.

In case of any exceptions or discrepancies during the verification, Compleo notifies the concerned personnel via email, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency. This made the entire GRN process faster and more reliable, reducing the time it took to process a single GRN from several minutes to just a few seconds.


  • Easy integration with their existing system.
  • Transparency in the process.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency
  • Real time status update
  • Exception handling and hence improving process efficiency and reliability.


With GRN automation, the company experienced improved vendor relations, as the optimized GRN process provided greater transparency and visibility. The solution also provided valuable insights into the supply chain, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions that further improved their operations.

The success of GRN project has inspired the company to explore other areas of their operations with Symtrax, where automation could have a positive impact.


About Automotive Company

This multinational automotive manufacturing company is part of a larger conglomerate. It has established partnerships with international companies and is known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Their company’s policies and goals aim at providing only premium and excellent quality to all their clientele. They are technologically driven, adaptive and progressive in their ethos. Their initiatives towards reducing their carbon footprints during production and afforestation drives around their units have won accolades in the past few years.