Bevego e-Invoicing Masters Thanks to the Compleo Upgrade


Compleo Suite architecture is perfectly situated between our ERP and PC processing applications.

Peter Nilsson, IT Manager at Bevego.


Bevego’s original need was to replace a centralized fax system which was going out of maintenance. They relied on this automated fax system to send and confirm purchase orders and invoice duplicates. That was the initial goal back in 2010 when they heard about Symtrax from their IBM I Consultant. Compleo Suite was offering a quick and easy response to pass IBM System spools to a Windows based system Fax Core. Compleo Suite has the technical ability to capture the text document and to enhance it into a professional looking PDF with a special set of instructions, such as fax number and receiver ID.

“We need to fax more than one thousand pages a day to our suppliers and customers. Compleo Suite architecture is perfectly situated between our ERP and PC processing applications”, says Peter Nilsson, IT Manager at Bevego, leading Swedish wholesaler and trading company part of the Saint-Gobain Group.

One year ago, the IT Department proposed to improve the efficiency of backoffice applications, such as the daily distribution of invoices. Financial users had tight requirements in terms of security and traceability. “We felt some reluctance to move into e-distribution for sensitive documents”, explains Peter Nilsson, “but growing requests from our customers to receive invoices by email, encouraged us to move ahead”.


Bevego discovered that Compleo Suite had many more capabilities than the one originally needed. A large range of standard functions to process and distribute all types of documents are part of the product. The e-invoicing process required to split the large batch into as many PDFs as customers, to add terms and conditions, and decide whether to print or email based on customer settings. “Setting up the template with the support of a Symtrax Engineer was a matter of hours”, pointed out Peter Nilsson, “we had our requirements well expressed and implementing them with Compleo didn’t require specific programming.”

“When we decided to go live, we requested Symtrax assistance to secure the move. I discovered it was more beneficial for us to access online support delivered by a specialist at our time of convenience, rather than requesting on site assistance. It’s a great way to cut cost and improve efficiency”, added Peter Nilsson.

Benefits of using Compleo

The IT Department has now extended the use of Compleo to most of their outgoing business documents, whatever the distribution channel. Bevego business users benefit from access to a web document repository as well. It may be used by the accounting department to retrieve and email a duplicate of a requested invoice, or by the logistics department to access stock reports.


About Bevego

Bevego is a leading wholesaler and trading company in Sweden in the field of structural steel sheet, ventilation and technical insulation on the professional market. The company was founded in 1994 and is now part of the global SaintGobain Group.