Document Management for Britax PMG

The global growth of the company meant that Britax PMG was finding it challenging to keep on top of incoming and outgoing documents. As a solution, Britax implemented Compleo to organize the company’s Document Management issue. Since Britax PMG upgraded to Compleo, it now uses the application as an Electronic Invoicing Solution.

Britax PMG found their invoice process to be too time-consuming, as it was preventing them from focusing their energy on more lucrative tasks. However, with the help of Compleo all the company invoices are fully automated. Saving them valuable time to focus on growth and business expansion.

Multi-Solution Application

“Compleo Suite is a powerful application”- said a Britax spokesperson. The company was very impressed with the advanced solution capabilities Compleo offered them. Considering the volatility of the future, Britax PMG are keen to explore the various benefits Compleo has to offer them. Thus far they have been impressed with the advanced solution capabilities.

Overall, Britax PMG has benefited from a new and improved workflow cycle encompassing their suppliers, buyers and end-users within the company.

Electronic Invoicing

Britax PMG has found Compleo to be an easy-to-use software solution with several added benefits. Compleo’s functionality as an Electronic Invoicing Solution brought a very small learning curve, with minimal time needed to reap the benefits.

Key Electronic Invoicing Benefits

Faster Invoice Cycles

With Compleo, invoices can dispatched quicker, leading to faster payment processing time. Users no longer have to worry about the time spent sending out repeat or replacement invoices if needed.

When invoices are sent by mail where they have to pass through a number of hands before finally arriving to the correct department. Instead, Compleo allows for each invoice to travel directly to their proper destination.

Lower Administrative Costs

Thanks to Compleo, there is no longer a need for Britax PMG to scan, store, post, or print any invoices. All paper documents are now processed electronically. This has enabled the company to make substantial cost savings.

Governance Compliance

Britax PMG now has the capability to edit their invoices to ensure that they meet the correct terms and conditions at all times, depending on whichever laws apply.

In addition to this, the company can now add digital signatures for faster sign-offs, meaning a faster order-to-cash cycle. This is available in a multitude of languages to best suit the market condition of choice.

Work Activity Improvements

Britax PMG is now able to delegate more meaningful projects to help support the growth of the company.


About Britax

Britax PMG Ltd has sucessfully produced reliable safety products since the 1940’s. Better known as the “British Accessories” providers, they have continued to provide products and equipment in the automotive industry to this day.