Case Study Groupama

Groupama Insurances Automates uses Compleo for daily IBMi Report Reformatting and distribution. This case study explains the challenges, the solution used and the benefi ts for this company after 10 years of using.


After 10 years, Compleo is still doing its job perfectly fine.

Melvyn Stringer,
Senior Technical Support Analyst


Groupama were printing a large number of standard reports from the IBMi system, which not only added to the paper costs, but was time consuming too. Approximately 400 employees were printing and posting confidential reports every day. All of these documents were generated manually because each report was unique, personalized, sent to different places, with different templates and created by different jobs on the IBMi.


It was important for Groupama to have a solution which would help reduce paper, save time and improve efficiencies. Mr. Melvyn Stringer, Senior Technical Support Analyst, remembers how easy it was to install and incorporate Compleo Suite in Groupama’s IT infrastructure. “We installed it within the day, after only a few hours the software was working and today after 10 years it is still doing its job.” Compleo Suite is used for real-time monitoring of Ouput Q’s on the IBMi, creating reports in TXT or PDF and then sending them via email. Compleo’s ability to cater to multiple scenario’s gives the flexibility to distribute different reports to individual people in real time.

“There is nothing better and as simple as Compleo for the same price.”


Compleo Suite provides real-time reports for Groupama users and has drastically cut down in delays and printing. Since the solution has been implemented all manual printing and distribution as been fully automated. The reports are sent and received almost immediately and are viewable on the user’s computer screen.


About Groupama

Groupama Insurances is a part of Ageas (UK) Limited; a leading provider of award-winning Personal, Commercial and Protection insurance solutions in the UK. Ageas UK distributes high quality insurance through a range of channels including brokers, IFAs, intermediaries, affinity partners and online. The company has picked up numerous awards for consistent and high quality customer service.