Coca-Cola: Compleo an Important Software Investment to Keep when Moving from IBM Power I to SAP


It was fast an easy switching reporting from IBM i to SAP with Compleo.

Sergio Mancilla, SAP Project Manager


More than eleven years ago Coca Cola Embonor was looking for a reporting solution to import spools into Excel files from their IBM I 720 system. They were interested in finding a way to better manage and distribute spool reports and more specifically to provide end-users with a more flexible printing system. While searching on the internet they found Compleo to answer to all of their needs.

After nine years of using Compleo their company decided to switch to a SAP system. The migration would mean extensive work and many new vendors to adapt to the new system. Users were asking to access spool reports in same fashion as on IBM iSeries. Interesting enough, the same exact Compleo software was able to work with their 3 SAP instances by just plugging in the SAP Certified Connector.


Sergio Mancilla, SAP Project Manager, decided to implement Compleo to keep the same reporting capabilities their IBM iSeries had. “Compleo operated successfully for many years for all spool formatting and distribution work of reports, statements and lists” said Sergio.

“Installation on SAP system went through seamlessly, we just had to install one release Note, as well as give some users rights because we are using the Active_Mode to authorize selected users to navigate in their Output Devices” explained Sergio.

The automation module of Compleo Supervisor keeps processing all batch or background reports, saving a lot of monitoring work for IT Basis Team and offering instant report access to more than a thousand users in a daily basis, including non SAP users.

Benefits of using Compleo for SAP

Taking advantage of local windows PC Printers low price and flexibility instead of depending on centralized printers was a great improvement for all their production and distribution departments. “That flexibility was an important benefit we gained with Compleo Software from Symtrax, and our IT administration stopped worrying about printer drivers and software version compatibility during any server upgrade or when new printer was acquired” said Sergio.

Then the Financial and Controlling department learned that they could take advantage of other capabilities of the software to burst and distribute large Cost Center weekly statements. Compleo Explorer’s ability to work so well with Excel Spreadsheets; meant that large unwieldy reports, some of which contain more than 198 columns and have one record spread on multiple lines, were nicely formatted into excel columns with sub-totals and dispatched to non mainframe users by email.

Sergio said that Compleo is a great investment overtime, users keep using an important piece of software they have really become familiar with, and they keep benefiting from upgrades with the latest technology including: Electronic Invoicing, XML formatting, digital signatures on PDFs, to name a few.


About Coca-Cola Embonor

Coca-Cola Embonor is a Chilean beverage company founded in 1962 and is based in Santiago. The company produces and distributes soft drinks lincensed by Coca-Cola Company in Chile, Bolivia and Peru.