Godfrey Hirst saves paper and reduces cost with Compleo Suite


Compleo is a great asset in automating & distributing our internal reports & forms.

Kevin Wells, Analyst


The core ERP system at Godfrey Hirst is JD Edwards World running on an IBM i5 System.

Godfrey Hirst were printing batch reports every night to each department’s printer. Batch Jobs created outgoing documents such as Picking Slips, Order Confirmations, Customer Price Lists, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, etc were printed on normal on either pre-printed forms with carbon paper or continuous paper on a dot matrix printer. Approximately 100 Internal reports such as Sales, Orders, Production, Inventory, etc., were also created through an overnight Batch Job. In total Godfrey Hirst generate over 2000 internal and outgoing every day for various departments.

Godfrey Hirst were looking for a way to move away from pre-printed forms, create outgoing documents with a professional layout, email individual sales reports to each representative and respective managers and archive these for reference at a later date. Improving efficiency and saving the time of dispatch operators was another key issue that had to be addressed.

The Solution

Godfrey Hirst have been using Compleo Suite for their business critical processes for over 5 years now.

Outgoing documents are now completely reformatted using Compleo Mapform – the forms creation module of Compleo Suite – and the resulting PDF’s or TIFF files are email or faxed and archived. Internal sales reports are easily split up by sales territory and emailed to all sales representatives and state managers, replacing the old process of printing, manually splitting & posting to each sales representative. “This means that the representatives now have their reports available immediately with up to date information” says Kevin Wells, Analyst.

Preprinted forms are a thing of the past. With Compleo Mapform, professional looking forms and documents can easily and quickly be created on plain A4 paper, drastically reducing costs and time.

Benefits of using Compleo Suite

Compleo Suite has also helped Godfrey Hirst improve business efficiency and save time involved in manually formatting and distributing reports. According to Kevin Wells, Analyst, “Once the reports and forms are created with Compleo Explorer and Mapform and scenarios created in Supervisor, there is very little maintenance involved”.

With the acquisition of several companies in the last few years, for Godfrey Hirst, it has just been a matter of using the standard template and substituting the logo with the other companies logo, a few minor changes and you have a completely new form in a couple of hours.


About Godfrey Hirst

With over 140 years manufacturing experience, Godfrey Hirst produces high quality tufted carpets both for Australia and the world.