Le Groupe TPA leverages the Compleo Suite

Automotive Parts Leader Le Groupe TPA Leverages the Compleo Suite to become a heavy weight in Electronic Archiving.


Compleo has freed up staff time and reduced data manipulation errors. Archivor is so easy to use that it was adopted universally by all members of my staff.

Damien Fernandez
Chief Information Officer – Le Groupe TPA


Prior to its relationship with Symtrax, Le Groupe TPA printed over one million pages from its AS/400 annually. Developing reports for sales activity and product management was a timely endeavor that failed to provide for automated electronic distribution of its documents via email and fax. Le Groupe TPA CIO Damien Fernandez recognized an opportunity to store all of their output in a single database thereby reducing operational costs such as printing and storage fees. This archiving solution would not only provide for a more flexible automated approach, but it would save Le Groupe TPA tens of thousands of Euros per year. Céline DallaRovere, the project manager, headed up the project for Le Groupe TPA.


Damien Fernandez chose the Compleo Suite to centralize their output management and to automate document archiving. Prior to implementing the Compleo Suite, Le Groupe TPA printed documents in each of their 24 warehouses. Today, documents are generated electronically at a central facility then indexed and uploaded to a single server for archiving. End users in each of Le Groupe TPA’s locations now access those documents through an easy to use web browser. This web interface permits end users to search for documents via properties (fields) that have been defined during the upload process. Retrieving documents, downloading them, and emailing them have saved Le Groupe TPA precious time. Specifically, Compleo Explorer applies a template to reformat the AS 400 spools into PDFs. Compleo Supervisor moves these documents into the archiving solution, and Compleo Archivor indexes the PDFs and uploads them to the archiving server. Céline Dalla-Rovere deployed the Compleo Suite within its 24 warehouses in just 2 months. No custom development was required.

Customer Benefits

Damien Fernandez on the benefits of the Compleo Suite: “Compleo has freed up staff time and reduced data manipulation errors. Archivor is so easy to use that it was adopted universally by all members of my staff. Since we deployed the software, no technical issues have been reported. It has been a real success.” Fernandez adds, “Compleo Archivor is so popular among my staff, that if I tried to get rid of it, I would face an employee uprising.”

Moreover, an informal estimation of ROI reveals a 100% of gain the first year, allowing Le Groupe TPA to recoup its investment in Archivor within a period of 12 months. These improvements have allowed them to gain in competitiveness and eased their growth pains. Indeed, a new unit will be integrated into the Information System within weeks.

“Thanks to Compleo, we are going even further in our approach. Requests for delivery will be converted into Excel files, archived and automatically processed” explained Céline DallaRovere. “Before, our people had to process every file manually by reading every item one by one. Nowadays, they have the luxury of working electronically, saving them significant time.”


About Le Groupe TPA

Le Groupe TPA is a leading manufacturer of OEM parts and replacement parts for the automobile industry. The company is headquartered in France and employs more than 600 people in 24 locations.