M-tec Expands Business Faster with Compleo Suite for SAP


Compleo Suite for SAP enabled us to manage, edit and print our forms without ABAP development and thus at a lower cost.

Simon Keilhack
IT Administrator / Security


m-tec has been using Compleo Suite for many years on their AS400 platform. The company was migrating their infrastructure over to SAP and was going to need the same reporting functionality that they were accustomed to through Compleo Suite on their AS400. m-tec was looking for a way to manage their SAP spools, to improve document layout and presentation, and manage the output file printing process from within the SAP infrastructure. The overall goal during the SAP implementation was to be able to automate the entire output management process..


m-tec was particularly interested in the functionalities of Compleo for SAP because it interacts directly with SAP outputs through a SAP connector. The connector allows an end-user to reformat, archive, and distribute spool files in different formats such as Excel, Word, or PDF, without programming knowledge or ABAP development.. m-tec was facing challenges with formatting reports and creating reports in particular layouts. To meet their particular formatting needs, m-tec utilizes Compleo MapForm. With the use of Compleo Mapform they are able to reduce time and costs when formatting SAP output files.

Company benefits

The ease of the product installation was a compelling user benefit in which m-tec took into account when choosing our solutions. Training end users on Compleo for SAP was also a reason to continue the use of the Compleo products. It was an extremely easy transition for end users who were already using Compleo Suite.

m-tec also took advantage of using Compleo Supervisor which allowed them to fully automate the process of creating and printing reports from the company SAP spool files, without any manual intervention.

m-tec summarizes in few words that “Compleo and MapForm, with their SAP connector, have been extremely beneficial for the company. With Compleo for SAP m-tec has been able to solve the problem of processing a large volume of spools and quickly and automatically distributing via mail or fax. With the usage of Compleo Mapform m-tec has been creating business documents within unique and custom formats and with added graphical elements”.

Compleo Suite has been perceived as the ideal tool for processing, editing and formatting forms directly from the SAP ERP. With greater flexibility and responsiveness Compleo for SAP is known as the industry standard for output management for the SAP ERP.


About m-tec

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