Stop-Choc Ltd Creating Smart Documents with Symtrax

Compleo for Stop-Choc, is now being used as a fully automated document reformatting solution


Compleo Suite has given me the ability to easily edit and reformat the look of my documents

Andrew Hughes, IT Manager Stop-Choc Ltd

Symtrax for Hutchinson, StopChoc

Stop-Choc’s IT Manager was in need of a document reformatting solution for the business. He wanted a solution which would give both him and his team the ability to quickly edit, reformat, distribute and print a variety of business documents. Now actively running Compleo, he and his end-users have been able to carry out their normal day-to-day tasks without facing any major business challenges.  The ease of implementing the Compleo application makes it a very easy-to-use and flexible software solution, which has fully supported all company changes.

Compleo Suite is now used as a fully automated document reformatting solution.

Template Creation

“Compleo came at the right time, with the right solutions for our company changes” – IT Manager.

Compleo has helped StopChoc to recreate and reformat their documents. In addtion, the Compleo solution integrated with ease into their current ISeries ERP system, as it does with any ERP system.

Training and Development

Stop-Choc wanted to make full use of the training services Symtrax offers, in order to use and maintain the application on their own. Having only purchased a few days of training with a Symtrax consultant, Stop-Choc were very impressed with how easily Compleo was able to fit directly into their current IT infrastructure.

Diagram Compleo for Stop Choc ltd

Reformat the look of your documents, send and receive them in a format of your choice

Compleo Modules

When Stop-Choc were in search for a solution they had a clear vision on the type of application they were after. They needed a quick and effective application, which would save their business time and money. Additionally, Stop-Choc wanted a solution that offered easy-distribution methods and the ability to automate documents which could then be sent out via email.

After seeking advice from one of the Symtrax consultants Stop-Choc purchased the following modules:

  • Compleo Explorer: Stop-Choc now has the ability to slice & dice the unwanted information from their documents. Explorer, for StopChoc, has been one of the key modules in helping to improve their document management processes.
  • Compleo Layout: Has given StopChoc the freedom to modify the look and design of their documents.
  • Compleo Supervisor: Automating, scheduling and monitoring all documents from one centralised location has now saved Stop-Choc a substantial amount of time.

Business changes for the better

By adopting Compleo as their in-house document reformatting solution, Stop-Choc will no longer need to invest in external consultants to do any additional work for them. Their workflow process across the entire business is now a lot smoother and streamlined to boot. The quick and easy installation has allowed for end-users to adapt instantly to the software changes.


About Stop-Choc Ltd

The company has over 160 years of experience in the air, land and sea transport industry. Established in 1976, today Stop-choc Ltd is part of the Hutchinson group, the rubber and chemicals division of TOTAL and world leaders in the manufacture of rubber, elastomeric and plastic products. The company has continued to grow based on their consistency to produce high quality products.