TW Metals reduces their Processing Time for shipping documents


Very useful software that can save cost…really great stuff.

John Vim, Data Analyst, IT Support

IBM Power System

TW Metals relies on an industry specific Warehouse & Distribution ERP package running native on an IBM Power System. The system has evolved over recent years to meet the business challenge faced in supporting their customer base.TW Metals UK currently have 150 end users on the Metalware ERP.

Challenges faced

TW Metals ERP system controlled the routing of spool files to specific output queues from where they were printed and distributed manually. TW Metals introduced the Compleo Suite of products for a complete output management solution, to design, distribute and archive business documents. However, the challenge the company faced was not being able to merge multiple PDF documents that were archived for distribution to their customers. TW Metals needed a solution to be able to read and reformat PDF’s.

Benefits of Compleo Layout

TW Metals is worldwide specialist in the metal distribution industry. They have to send out a Mill Test Report, Certificates of Conformity along with the Delivery Note with the shipments of materials to their customers. All these documents are created and archived by different jobs and Compleo Layout has automatically enabled TW Metals to merge and email these documents into a single document for customer distribution.

Compleo Layout is also used for managing incoming PDF documents from different sources such an email attachments which can be automatically configured to archive or extract relevant information from these documents and upload to their ERP system.

TW Metals is using Compleo Layout to manage 1,500 documents daily and has instantly reaped the benefits to reduce process times and improve automation and distribution of business documents to the customer by Email, Fax, Archive or FTP without having to print a single document.


About TW Metals

TW Metals is a leading specialty metal distributor with over 30 facilities worldwide. The company offers a broad range of products and services, including extrusions, fittings, pipe, tube, rod/bar, sheet and plate in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium, Alloy Steel, and Carbon Steel.

TW Metals first required Compleo Suite in 2007 and since, they have integrated the software into their business critical processes.