Wincanton implements XML invoicing

Wincanton implements XML invoicing with Compleo for XML.


With Compleo for XML, creating an XML template takes about a day as opposed to a couple of weeks.

Dan Falvey – Software Development and IT Support


Wincanton’s container logistics business was required by some of its top revenue generating customers to send invoices in XML format. The XML files have to be compliant with the VISA® Invoicing Standard.


In order to address this requirement, Dan had to write lengthy codes using RPG on the IBM Power i. Writing these programs required an in-depth knowledge of RPG and took a considerable time to create one invoice in XML format. Over and above the time consumed, the overlays in RPG were not flexible as most of it was hard coded with a little bit of soft coding here and there. Wincanton generates approximately 2,500 invoices per month in both paper and XML formats. These invoices are generated on a weekly basis.

Compleo for XML offered Dan a simple to use and easy to understand GUI to create XML files from Spool Outputs. Being an existing user of the other modules of Compleo Suite (namely Explorer, Supervisor and Mapform), for 9 years, it was much easier to integrate Compleo for XML without making any major changes to Wincanton’s robust IT infrastructure. “With Compleo for XML we can now offer invoices in XML as a valued added service to our customers” says Dan. According to Dan the best thing about Compleo Suite is that all modules have an identical interface with a Windows type tree structure and if you have used 1 module you can use all of them.

Company benefits

“In Compleo for XML I can use an existing or sample XML file provided by our customer to create an XML template which save us more time”, says Dan. When using an existing XML file, the structure of the XML file is automatically imported into the Compleo for XML wizard “which is very handy”, says Dan. Then all that is required is to map out the relevant information from the spool file to the elements in the XML structure. Once the XML files are created they are automatically distributed by Compleo to our customers using FTP. The recipients’ systems then verify the XML file and Dan has not had any customers express concern about the XML structure. From there, Wincanton’s customers have their own processes and software applications that load the XML into their ERP or Accounting systems. The ability to automate the process end-to-end was a very important aspect of the project.


About Wincanton

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