Before working with Compleo, YBO had concerns about the high cost of using an impact printer. The company’s IT Services Manager Stephen Scott says that printing documents, such as invoices, statements, and greenbar reports, posed a significant financial burden for the company. There was also the issue of storage, which further prompted Steve to seek out a forms solution.


Symtrax Los Angeles Sales Manager Fernando Jimenez worked with YBO during the software implementation process. Steve describes Fernando as “extremely helpful” in furthering the proof-of-concept process and officially kicking off the collaboration itself.

YBO used Compleo Suite Version 4, specifically the Layout and Explorer modules, to increase their productivity. The implementation itself involved either rehousing reports through digital transformation or delivering them to a laser printer. This was all in addition to the forms tool Steve had previously observed a need for.


Better process management: Your Back Office now had the resources to oversee the document process on its own terms and control distribution.

Seamless data conversion: Compleo Explorer’s stock in trade, this module made it easy for Your Back Office to switch between file formats.

In-house access: The solution could be completed entirely within Your Back Office, eliminating the need for third party reliance.

Less redundancy: With our solutions in place, the burden of unnecessary documents was less of a concern.


Steve reports that his company was quite satisfied with Compleo’s performance, setting up more . “Like most businesses our needs do change over time,” he said. “We strive to become leaner and yet provide a higher level of service. Compleo has helped by allowing us to reduce our dependence on printed reports and postage (becoming leaner) and by delivering invoices and delivery tickets more quickly (service).”

Your Back Office is now developing further ways to use GUID links and email to respond to customers quickly. Symtrax and Compleo were able to help them achieve their accessibility and workflow goals while preparing them for the future.


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