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In the past year, we’ve come to realize quite a few things, one of which is: how important is it to have a flexible business model without workspace restrictions. And maybe this is not addressed as often, but the presence of digital and e-signatures really eases the whole landscape of remote working conditions.

Given the current circumstance, remote working has driven the digital signature market to grow to a total valuation of $2.8 billion dollars with a CAGR of 31%.

Paper and compliance dependent processes have apparently been cut down from taking over a week to less than 2 days. Reported annual savings of more than $1 million in documentation costs. 92% reduction in documentation errors. Improvement in audit efficiency by 80%. Also, an average reduction of 66% in terms of document mismanagement.

In this webinar, we discuss the intricacies of having a suitable digital and e-signature solution, well-integrated with your business processes. Join us as Anuj Jain – our solution expert – addresses some very important details such as:

  • Achieving better compliance and security is the premise of having the right signing solution.
  • Symtrax offering which includes:
    • Digital signing with certificates stored in Hardware Security Modules and document signers, or in portable USB tokens for remote signing.
    • Web-based e-signing solution with digitized workflows for easier collaborations and process approvals.
    • Flexible solution with a scalable architecture to accommodate growing business needs.
    • AI-based routing and distribution to respective signatories.
    • Practical business cases and scenarios to further comprehend the reach of a digital or electronic signing solution.

Join us to understand the need for a signature software, and how can it help leverage digitization efforts as an incentive to improve business processes.

Presented by
Anuj Jain
Solution Consultant