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Effective document formatting doesn’t just improve the dynamics of digital documentation, it elaborates the extent of digitization, which is becoming more synchronously involved with compliance and business specifications.

In this webinar, we discuss some important factors surrounding the relevance of having a document formatting solution and some critical aspects including:

  • Updated GST e-invoicing guidelines for B2C businesses to include dynamic QR codes as a step towards improving and encouraging digital payments.
  • Application of digital signatures on end business documents to enhance document integrity, meet compliance protocols and ensure authenticity.
  • E-signing solution to help facilitate document approvals, streamline essential workflows, and mitigate the involvement of manual dependencies.
  • Document enrichment with customizable templates to meet customer and company standards.

This webinar also includes detailed business cases and tailored demonstrations to help you better visualize the implications of digital document formatting, and how can it catalyze impact on your digitization efforts.

Presented by
Jagruti Kale
Solution Consultant