PEPPOL: The heart of electronic invoicing in Europe

Do you use electronic invoicing daily?

Are you sending electronic invoices for exports?

PEPPOL ("Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line"), an exchange network between private and public entities, is the solution. With PEPPOL, it's possible to send various types of business document-specific files electronically.

This webinar will cover such topics as:


  • PEPPOL operating principles
  • User advantages
  • PEPPOL and the customer / supplier billing chain
  • PEPPOL and e-Procurement: how to process purchase orders


We will illustrate these last two points through a live demonstration. The presentation will also include an interactive question and answer portion.

Don't wait any longer: learn how to take you e-invoicing international with PEPPOL and Compleo!

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webinar peppol presented by Kevin Little

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